Journal of Arabic Language Specialized Research

About the Journal :

Journal of Arabic Language for Specialized Research is published quarterly by the Scientific Institute for Advanced Training and Studies , it is devoted to the publishing of researches concerning sciences and arts of Arabic language such as Grammar, rhetoric, metrics, prose and poetry, phonetics, modern linguistics, dialects, Arabic calligraphy, Arabization, and literary critical stylistic studies.

The journal is a research platform for scholars, teachers, and students to enrich the Arabic Library with further sound researches and precise studies for the purpose of unveiling the secrets of this language which is regarded as a miracle on its own through the Quranic text that remains a great challenge to all languages’ texts. However, the research efforts made on Arabic language and its relevant sciences as well as the unveiling of its beauty in the past and present are merely attempts to reveal the secret of its essence to persuade linguists and litterateurs of the reasons why Allah, the creator of all languages, has chosen Arabic to be the last language for his messenger Mohamed (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) and his miraculous immortal book till doomsday.



 The Behavioral theory says that learning is all about change in human behavior which a person achieves through stimuli and response. Language is also a behavior that is obtained as a non-linguistic behavior through stimulus and response. On the other hand, cognitive theory says that learning takes place from a set of mental cognitive processes like understanding, attention, receiving information, preparing and processing it in sync with interaction with the surrounding environment, similarly it considers that the second language acquisition also depends on complex mental processes which can be controlled with conscious learning of language grammar. In view of the conflicting views of educationists and linguists in effective learning and teaching of the language, we must ask what the most appropriate opinion of these views is. This topic is worth researching to get the positives out of both theories by the comparative study of these two theories. So that learner and teacher can choose the best strategies for learning or teaching the language. The researcher relies on his research on the comparative and descriptive approach in this study.                                                                                                                               

Keywords: Theory, Behavioral, Cognitive, Learning, Behavior.