Journal of Arabic Language Specialized Research

About the Journal :

Journal of Arabic Language for Specialized Research is published quarterly by the Scientific Institute for Advanced Training and Studies , it is devoted to the publishing of researches concerning sciences and arts of Arabic language such as Grammar, rhetoric, metrics, prose and poetry, phonetics, modern linguistics, dialects, Arabic calligraphy, Arabization, and literary critical stylistic studies.

The journal is a research platform for scholars, teachers, and students to enrich the Arabic Library with further sound researches and precise studies for the purpose of unveiling the secrets of this language which is regarded as a miracle on its own through the Quranic text that remains a great challenge to all languages’ texts. However, the research efforts made on Arabic language and its relevant sciences as well as the unveiling of its beauty in the past and present are merely attempts to reveal the secret of its essence to persuade linguists and litterateurs of the reasons why Allah, the creator of all languages, has chosen Arabic to be the last language for his messenger Mohamed (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) and his miraculous immortal book till doomsday.


The Holy Quran is the Book of the Unbelieved God, who does not come wrong from his hands or from behind him, how not? This is the miraculous book that the Arabs were unable to articulate their tongues, and the eloquence of their logic to come even with a verse like him. So the one who said: (God is to say sweetness, and it is a prayer, and it is fruitful above, and Almgq below, and it is above and beyond, and it to destroy what is below). And the right of the son of Al-Mughira to say that, he is in front of the Book of God Miraculous, Manhal tortured, and Maqin pure pure, (the news of what is before you and the news after you, and the rule between you is the separation is not Balzl, who left the mighty God Almighty and those who seek guidance from others God is the strong rope of God, which is the wise male, which is the straight path, which is not tinged with the passions, and is not confused by the tongues, and is not satisfied with the scientists, and does not create a lot of response, and do not expire wonders), Except love, and is still a soft instinct, and other words - even if he reached the good and eloquence amount - tired with repetition and hostile if I know Because the answer to the heart is heavier than the iron. As al-Suyuti (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: The most powerful signs of miracles in the Holy Qur'an are the effects that he breathes in the soul. He hardly touches the hearing until he is saved to the heart.